Pakistan US Relations (Dawn)

President Trump’s undiplomatic and harsh tweet regarding Pakistan has provoked fury in the country particularly in the hyper-nationalist politicians and media. The trouble with conducting sophisticated, diplomatic politics through 280 characters is that such tweets gives very terse messages. A short tweet statement cannot give a right perspective to the complex issues but in spite […]

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Karachi Population

What is the real population of Karachi? Sadly there is little respect for statistics in the country thou we are living in the 21st century. This fact is apparent when it comes to holding the National population census, which is so important for all the planning in any country. Coaxed by the Supreme Court the […]

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Why we don’t say sorry (Dawn)

SORRY is the five letter word seldom used in Pakistani Society. What does it mean? It means that the person is apologising for something which he/she has done wrong. Accepting the mistake is not in the popular value system of Pakistan, instead those who are in power lack this virtue the most. Let’s see some […]

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Religious Extremism Cannot Be Countered Through Bigotry

Pakistan’s capital-Islamabad has been under-siege now for 22 days. A lot of time was spent on trying to reason out with the unreasonable leadership of Tehreek-e-Labbaik Ya Rasool Allah (TLYR). Having done that the government finally launched an operation on November 25, against the protesting members of this organisation to break the siege of the […]

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Accepting Pakistan’s mistakes made our case more convincing

In the din of the Panama leak case the focus from the real issue is being shouted down by many hyper nationalist; politicians and the media pundits. To me the real issue is that for the first time an elected government has declared that it`s time for introspection to find out what was wrong with […]

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Youth and Terrorism

How educated youth are attracted to militant groups For the last many years it’s the same basic question: why militant Islamic organistions are finding it easy to influence even educated civilian and military people? Every time we discussed this issue the government pledges that it is going to develop an anti-extremism narrative and check the […]

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BB Assassination case Act II starts

After 10 years the Benazir Bhutto assassination case was decided by the Anti-Terrorist Court. But it seems that the 10 year long proceedings were just the act one of this tragic drama.  The act two has already started as the two senior police officers who were convicted for the dereliction of duty have filed the […]

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