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Amnesty Scheme

The much-awaited Amnesty Scheme for declaring local and foreign assets was announced too late by the PML-N government. Before going into the merit or demerit of the schemes presented by Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi last week, the general feeling is that legally they are non-starters. These schemes were promulgated through presidential ordinances on Monday, […]

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Governing the ungovernable

Some thoughts on ‘Governing the Ungovernable’ Not many books are written on the political economy of Pakistan and that too by an eminent writer like Dr. Ishrat Husain, who brings with him the experience of heading the State Bank of Pakistan and also chairing the National Commission for Government Reforms on Reforming the Government in […]

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Senate defeat – is NS down and out?

When rumors are proven right, they are hard news.  Throughout 2017 particularly after the Dawn leaks there were rumors that the establishment would not let the PML-N have a majority in the Senate.  In the March 3, 2018 Senate elections we saw that the establishment’s political engineering was successful and PML-N was unable to establish […]

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FATF grey list implications

By Babar Ayaz As if domestic political crisis was not enough, Pakistan has been hit by the Financial Action Task Force (FATF).  The lame duck government which is tottering to complete its last few months is telling us that they have got a respite of three months before they are put on the black list […]

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Restless soul of Asma will never be at rest

   R.I.P. is the cryptic note one reads on thousands of social media reactions on The Asma Jahangir demise. I wonder whether the restless soul – if there is one – of Asma will ever be at rest as long as there are people whose human rights and religious rights are threatened by the state […]

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Paigham e Pakistan – The Islamic counter narrative

Better late than never. The government has finally managed to get a unanimous FATWA from over 1800 Islamic religious leaders which was named “Paigham-e-Pakistan”. Though late by 3 years it was the big achievement of the government and the military establishment to bring religious scholars and Muftis of all sects of Islam in Pakistan to […]

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Bangladesh was made in 24 years (Daily Times)

24 years of exploitation made Bangladesh Beleaguered Nawaz Sharif  may not be Sadiq and Amin and is facing NAB cases but when he said that we should do some soul-searching the reasons of the breaking of the country and creation of Bangladesh- He was absolutely right. However, some hyper-nationalist pounced on him in the media. […]

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