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Enlightened Muslims Please Standup

Positive attitude alone can counter Islamophobia In the debate about to ban or not to ban the facebook to check the blasphemous postings on it, the most cogent quip came from contemporary columnist Hassan Nisar, he said that banning Facebook is like hanging the weapon of murder instead of the killer. Time and again the […]

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China Pak Relations

Pakistan’s blind love China At the very outset I would like to give credit where it is due, to the Pakistan’s military strategists, who I have criticised more often in my writings. Back in 2012 while doing my background interviews for my book I was told by a serving general that Pakistan will have to […]

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Military Courts (Daily Times)

Need for military Courts is by default of the government Crucial question that is missing in the whole debate regarding giving the military Courts is: what’s wrong with the Pakistan’s judicial system that it needs extraordinary measures to decide the cases about terrorism? The main focus of the debate among the political parties and the […]

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Let’s mark 16th December is a soul-searching day in Pakistan

In reality Bangladesh achieved its independence on 16th December, when arms were laid by Pakistan Army before the Indian Army. Pakistan did not want to surrender to the Bangladeshi freedom fighters. But obviously Bangladesh celebrates her Independence Day on 26th March when Awami League declared independence in 1971 after the negotiations failed and in army […]

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Beyond the NFC Award there is the forgotten PFCs

There is no dearth of patriotic discussions and sermons on the strengthening of the centrifugal forces and the need to build national cohesion in our country. But there’s very little discussion on how the centre deprives the provinces and how the provinces are reluctant to share the revenues with the local governments. To establish a […]

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Challenges to the future of Pakistan

                   Islam was exploited during the British Raj to drive a wedge between the masses of India on communal basis to serve the interest of the Muslim elite and middle class. That is why the religious leadership continues to insist that ‘Ideology of Pakistan’ was to implement Islamic laws and Shari’a. At the same time […]

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Need for deterent punishments for IPR violations

If master ghazal singer Mehdi Hassan’s records and cassettes were not pirated, he wouldn’t have needed anybody’s help today when he is on the sickbed. He would have been a millionaire in dollar terms through his earnings from the royalty. He is not an isolated case. Many singers, musicians, writers, film and TV play producers […]

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